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As civilization has developed, there has been growth in every sector. The mode of transport has witnessed a great improvement. The growth and development of any industry is dependent upon many factors. Market strategy, promotions and new innovations are the key factors on which development is dependent. Travel industry has witnessed radical changes in less than ten years. There are various factors which have contributed to a very large extent in the development of travel industry. Tourism industry is much dependent upon the places of visit that lie in a country and the things which it offers to its travelers. The exposure of any place to its proposed travelers whether it is of historical, religious or cultural importance acts as a great crowd puller for the tourists all over the world. With the help of media, there is much hype in the travel industry which has become a major contributor to the growth and development in an economy.

Travel IndustryWith the help of new research there has been large improvement in the tourism industry. Online web information is available now days on the various main contents of the tourism industry. There are large services that are provided on the net about the various destinations where a person can travel. There is detailed information on the various sites which can give other related information like fares that will be charged, the mode of transport and other.Online changes on the scale imagined only by few, have happened since and there is not one segment of the travel industry that has not been affected by that first shift to online commerce. By the end of the last century it was mostly in the Unites States where the initial start-up companies were concentrating their efforts and where at first the phenomenal growth took place.

Today, the impact has been felt around the world and fastest growing regions are now Asia pacific and Europe. The travel agencies have played a great role in providing sources for the travel. In the past few years they have, at least in Europe, been joined by the major tour operators who are now engaged in intense competition. Travel and tourism can be thought of a manufacturing industry. Components like hotel rooms, meals and coach are bought and put together by a tour operator to produce holidays. They are sold to the public by retail travel agents with representatives of the tour operator providing the after sales services to the consumer.

Travel IndustryThe larger the company, the more specialized each employee’s role become in providing research and development of new ideas or marketing them.Careers in travel and tourism holidays and travel are a part of life in modern society. The annual break from work, school, college or family life is an important objective and the very thought of holiday sustains most of us throughout our daily lives.The British alone take something in the order of 2.15 million trips abroad each year and around 50 million holidays or short breaks are taken within the confines of the United Kingdom.

Apart from the holiday business however, the travel and tourism industry also affects our lives in many other ways. Visiting friends and relatives, attending family events, traveling for business purposes, attending conferences, winning travel prizes in advertising campaigns or on television quiz shows are all part of modern living. It is not surprising, therefore that a vast complicated industry exists to provide the facilities that makes these journeys possible convenient and very enjoyable.

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