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If you are bored of routine activities and want some change, then pack your luggage and set out to venture in lands where you can gain some new freshness and experience. There are lots of places in the world which are very adventurous and thrilling. There are beaches, forest and landscapes. You can check the list of some hot destinations or you might check out from your friends and relatives who have just visited a place. There are various destinations which can cherish you with the unforgettable memories. If you want to soak you body in sand, then you can visit a small island Barbados in Caribbean that provides unique beaches. Palm trees and picturesque locations are so exotic that it can raise your spirits high. You may bask in the sun or explore the tropical forest searching for some rare herbs. If you have love for nature and want to explore the nature, then make yourself ready to land in the African continent which has various hot destinations which are laced with rich plantations.

DestinationsThe lakes and rivers are very amazing. You can do a lot of rafting or sail through the rivers which have stretches of rich forests.You can take excursions to learn about the island's people, heritage, architecture and history. You can find lots of amazing places in Paris where you can find unique blend of modern and ancient architecture which is reflected in the buildings and monuments. There are great museums which have treasure of the past in the form of jewels, weapons and coins. Paris is such a beautiful place that lovers from all over the world dream to spend some days here to experience the life and memories that this place offers to its visitors. You can also become a part of the crowd. If you want to have a taste of variety of traditions and cultures, then you can take a journey to India. Since its a country with lots of regional diversities, visiting each place will give you a unique experience.

Be it an exotic pleasure to bathe on the beaches of Goa or thrilling on the camel rides in Jaislemer in Rajasthan, you are sure to collect some unique treasure of memories that will cherish forever. There are great places of religious interest in Haridwar, Varanai and Allah bad.Destinations What can be more thrilling to take a flight to Muritius, which is famous for its unique and mind blowing locations. Book your tickets, check in the detail and fly to the land where you might witness the nature playing with colors. The whole new freshness will be provided to you with the lots of water sports, great shopping malls and living in nature lap.

You can take a tour to Switzerland. Its an amazing place that has treasure of good shopping malls, great landscapes and exotic sights. Hong Kong, Mexico and Singapore can also be visited. They have rich cultures and literature. Lot of museums in Mexico has great collections of the medieval period.You can take a visit to Marrakesh, it is the millennium old city in Monaco which offers a tantalizing peek into the Islamic world. No visit is complete without getting lost among the labyrinthine alleys and bustling souks of the medina, where story tellers spin their tales and local vendors offer a head-spinning array of pottery, carpets and spices. A visit to Italy can remind you the diverse architecture that remind of the tumultuous history that has been occupied by the Greeks, Romans, French, Germans and now, the Italians.