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There are lots of things that have to be kept in mind before setting for a journey. This helps a lot. These Guides not only make your journey convenient but also relax you from unnecessary hassles.

There are various tips which must be followed before setting out for a visit.

  1. There must be in advance booking of hotel or guest house. There should not be any delay in getting your tickets arranged in advance especially when are boarding a train or a plane.
  2. Check in for the list of some good places to stay. When you are going to a place in the peak of tourist season, check in for the availability of proper place in advance.
  3. Before setting out for a journey don't forget to make certain arrangements in advance like carry small torches, umbrellas and small baggage of home made eatables.
  4. Carrying proper medicines and health care aids will help a patient in hour of need.
  5. Do not forget to take proper woolen clothes with you especially when you are going in winters.
  6. Though there are provisions of local guides by hotels. But you can also take the advice of some local friend or relative in advance so that you can know about certain things in advance.
  7. If you want to explore the maximum opportunities to travel and adventures, take a catalogue which will help you get the benefit of combo offers or packages given.
  8. If you want to know about various travel routes you can get a map which will help you when you have made a mind to travel alone especially during trekking.
  9. Do not try to go to places about which you don't know anything especially if you have no guide or local to assist you.
  10. Avoid any kind drugs or liquors while traveling.
  11. Do some research and learn more about your destination. Check to see what type of weather the area has so that you can plan the things accordingly.
  12. Check to see what type of paperwork and documentation is needed for travel.
  13. Check out what type of diseases is common to the area which you are planning to visit and take actions to prevent exposure to those diseases.
  14. Check your medical coverage to see what type of coverage you will have when away from home. You can consider purchasing trip insurance.
  15. If you are planning to drive yourself, then get your car ready. Do not forget to make an investigation on the local road conditions, law and other driving requirements.
  16. Do some research about the costs of local items so you can set your budget accordingly? Many governments charge high taxes for travel related services.
  17. Make the list of local major holidays or festivals since services may be limited on those days.
  18. Check out whether you need a passport to enter the country. Make sure your passport is up to date and valid. Some countries will not let you in if your passport will expire within six months of your return home. Get your passport extended if it's close to expiration.
  19. Check out whether you need a visa to enter the country.
  20. Try to develop some basic language skills in the local language.
  21. Check out the exchange rates of particular country in the financial section of your newspaper. It will give you an idea of how much you will need to budget.